Congratulations, Grant Winners!

Teachers Casey Sandorf and Jen Bronder, along with School Counselor Courtney Stein applied for and won two grants through the Tri-County WIB: the Teacher in the Workplace Grant and the Career Awareness Mini-Grant.
Teacher in the Workplace: This grant will help to send several teachers to tour local industries/businesses so they can better understand local industry trends, needs, and future opportunities for students. In our budget proposal, we requested funds for resources/literature for students in support of career-building skills (e.g. financial literacy, conflict resolution), covering the cost of substitute teachers, and mileage reimbursement costs.
Career Awareness Mini-Grant: This grant covers the cost of transportation to bring our 10th grade students to a career fair being organized by the Midwestern Intermediate Unit, for Butler County students.  This grant will also enable Knoch to host an Entrepreneurship Fair, which would allow an opportunity for students to interact with local entrepreneurs while meeting Strand 4 of the Career Education and Work Standards.
Congratulations, Ladies, and thank you for your effort!