For the Safety of Our Students...

In the interest of keeping all of our students safe in and out of school, parents are asked to adhere to the following guidelines regarding student transportation:
1)  If your student is to be dropped off somewhere other than home (or the normal drop-off point), the school must be provided a note that includes the student's name and grade, as well as the complete street address of the place where the student is to be dropped off. 
2)  The "Contact Us" button on the District and school web pages is not an appropriate place to send an email regarding special dismissal instructions.  Those messages deliver to the Administration Building and aren't always read immediately.  Ideally, you should send a signed note with your child.  If that isn't accomplished, you must send an email to the building secretary or call them ahead and bring a signed, hand-written note with you when you pick up the child.
By following these practices, you will contribute to keeping your own child safe.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.