Freshman Field Trip

Congratulations to Mrs. Sandorf, Ms. Bronder and Miss Stein, who won a grant through the Tri-County Business-Education Partnership Teacher in the Workplace. They received $5,200 towards materials, resources, and field studies to help students meet the Career Education and Work Standards. The grant paid for the novelsthat they read with their students about difficulty contemporary topics.  They then took their students to see "The Hate You Give". Teen Screen sponsored the movie coming to the theater free of charge. The students did a fundraiser to pay for the buses and a pizza party when they returned to the school. 
Here is a quote from the Teen Screen website that perfectly encompasses what Mrs. Sandorf hopes to achieve from this for the students:

Learning Through a Different Lens

Teen Screen provides a free educational experience that facilitates exploration of important, often difficult, topics through film. By incorporating a variety of teaching approaches into an interactive cinematic experience, Teen Screen speaks to students of all backgrounds and learning styles. School groups come together at a movie theater to watch and discuss contemporary films of historical, cultural, and social significance–and walk away changed forever.

Congratulations and thank you to these ambitious teachers!

Picture of Freshmen at movie theater  Students eating pizza.