Well Done, KHS/KMS Youth and Government!

Over 700 students traveled to Harrisburg to participate in the Model Youth and Government Convention.  Knoch High School and Middle School had 28 students participate.  They represented another year of successful debate and judicial competition.

Jake Coffield won a Bill Citation Award - Gold Division in recognition of Outstanding Legislative Research and Writing.
A total of 4 Bills were passed into laws and signed by the Youth Governor which is the highest accomplishment for Senate and House of Representatives: Coffield/Mock GH 653 "Make PA a Right to Work State Act", Walls/Kristoff GS475 “Tests for Death Row Act", Golden/Glassic GS861 “Vehicle Purpose Freedom Act", Kristoff/Mock GH 453 “School Defense Act".

For the national conferences this summer, the following students were selected from those attending Model:  John Mack was chosen for the Conference of National Affairs, with Amelia Walls as an alternate.  Heather Wittmer and Libby Conlon were both selected as alternates for the National Judicial Competition. 
Pic of Knoch Students who had bills passed

Bills passed into laws and signed by the Youth Governor, which is the highest accomplishment while in Harrisburg for Senate and House of Representatives, from left:  Nathan Glassic, Kevin Golden, Justin Walls, Nick Kristoff, Jake Coffield (won Best Bill Citation Award of Gold Division), Jacob Mock