Senior Year/Graduation Info

Knoch High School administration and staff recognize what an enormous and memorable event high school commencement is in a student's life.  Preparation for this day happens not only in the classroom, but outside as well.  Students, teachers, administrators, school directors, and families all play a role in bringing students to the point where they are ready to receive their diploma and move on to their next step in life.  With so many entities involved, we want to help families understand what they and their students are expected to do outside of the classroom throughout the course of senior year to be ready.  School Counselors communicate with the seniors throughout the year to help them through the process.  It's important that families be informed as well, so ask them to share what is being emailed to them.  Postings will also appear here as the year goes on with due dates and information parents need to see their senior through Commencement.  Please check back often for updates.
Senior Pictures
Families are responsible for having senior pictures taken and for providing a picture to the yearbook staff.  Pictures will be due in early 2022.  Please check back here this fall for more information.
Announcements & Rings
Announcements and other graduation materials can be purchased online at
Several local scholarships are offered to Knoch students.  The window for applying opens January 15 and most applications are due March 15.  Lists of local scholarships will be posted in early 2022.
Additional scholarships and scholarship match sites are listed on the School Counselor page.
Caps & Gowns
All graduating Knoch seniors will be provided a cap, gown, tassel, and diploma cover at no cost. Students should provide their height and weight to Mrs. Kovach at before October 30 for cap and gown ordering.  Parents wishing to order a special tassel, announcements, or other graduation-related items can do so at .
Commencement ceremonies will be held at Knoch High School on Friday, June 3, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.  More information to come.