Rachel's Challenge @ KHS

Students in Mr. Hall's AP Biology classes conducted an activity which illustrates how others can impact and influence your life.  
Students were given a can of Play Doh, they broke the play doh in half.  They covered half of their cup with their own Play Doh color and then let everyone in the room decorate the rest of their cup with their own design.  Students were not told why they were doing this.  As they were completing this activity, they were told to converse with their classmates and get to know things about them that others may not know.  More than just..."I like soccer".
When complete Mr. Hall described how their cup is representative of their life.  They are "the core of their life"  (their own Play Doh).  Others will make a mark on your life (some good, some not so good, some neutral, etc.).  It is important to know that you affect other people, and they affect you and your life.  
Meaningful discussion followed.
Students doing Play Doh activity Students doing Play Doh activity