Knoch Students Attend SciTech Day

Mrs. Sandorf, Ms. Thompson, and 25 Knoch students visited the Carnegie Science Center recently to participate in SciTech Day. Students saw a physics presentation at the Smash Lab focusing on Newton's Three Laws of Motion. Then students had the chance to explore the museum, visit tables from various colleges and businesses that focus on various fields of science, participate in a CSI Workshop, or learn about the importance of Bees in the Ecosystem.
(Caption of cover picture:  Emily Kriley and Samantha Archer try to find a way to avoid the laser to steal the art piece.)
students doing science projects                   students doing science projects
Sabrina Sutej, Ella Wilson and Ginny Heltsley                Emily Kriley, Ginny Heltsley, and Sabrian Sutej measure work on recreating a suspect on face               isopropyl alcohol to test the validity of paint    recognition software.                                                        from an art heist.
picture of student doing science project
                                                         Freshman Bryn Krason was chosen to be part
                                                         of the physics demonstration at the Smash Lab.